Affordable Orlando Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney

June 10, 2011 by The ME Law Firm

As an affordable Orlando Mortgage Foreclosure lawyer, I take pride in offering clients payment plans so they can hire an attorney in even the worst economy.  Unfortunately, many home owners in Florida are losing their homes or face the fear of losing their home.  While many home owners feel there is no help available to them, help is available and help is affordable.


Homeowners from Lakeland, Orlando, Clermont, and Tampa can have hope that their home will not be taken away.  Even though the bank may have turned you down for a loan modification or provided you with an excuse as to why they could not provide a loan modification for your home, there are still options that can be explored.  The most important factor in receiving a loan modification is to have a competent attorney working on your behalf and to not give up.  The banks will attempt to “wear you down” with techniques that range from claiming they did not receive your paperwork to the paperwork provided needs to be updated.


Myers & Eichelberger, P.L. is a full service law firm that specializes in mortgage foreclosure defense, loan modifications, and strategic foreclosures.  We attempt to help homeowners fight back against the banks and to assert their rights.  Most Americans worked very hard to purchase a home and we believe they deserve the legal representation at affordable prices.


One question I get asked a lot is what options do I have?  As a home owner, we have a few options.  A loan modification is normally a great option, but most people focus on interest rate.  While a low interest rate is important, a reduction in principle may be the true need.  If, for example, you have a house that is worth $100,000, but you owe $200,000, does it make sense to pay $200,000 even at 2% interest?  You are starting the loan at -$100,000.  While many people have signed loan modifications for a interest of 2%, they still owe more than the house is worth.  In many cases, they may owe double what the house is worth. This means you may be making your new payment today, but you will be in trouble in another six months to a year and you have made a bad financial decision.


At Myers & Eichelberger, P.L. we are committed to working with all families in Florida regardless of income or value of their house.  We can help with the most humble of homes to the most luxurious.  Each and every home is worth saving.  We can be reached at 1-888-ME-Help-You for a free consultation.

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