Celebration Florida Entertainment Lawyer- Tourist Business Law

May 21, 2011 by Edward Elkins

In Celebration, Florida, as well as the surrounding area, entertainment related businesses are finding success in the form of production, talent management companies, and tourist attractions. As an entertainment lawyer and attorney, I have been fortunate enough to speak to and work with individuals with goals and motivation in regard to business success.

In Orlando and Celebration, Florida,  tourist related business are perfectly positioned for success. Whether your business is focused on selling souvenirs, or consists of an entertaining dinner show,  you have the perfect opportunity to profit from the Orlando tourist industry.

To succeed in the Florida tourist indsutry, you should protect your basic legal needs:

  1. Business Creation: Is your business better off being incorporated or a partnership? Do you have legal contracts in place with your business partners?
  2. Vendor Contracts: If your business sells merchandise related to the local theme parks, be sure you are entering into contracts with legitimate vendors.
  3. Employment Contracts: Do you have employment contracts properly drafted or reviewed by an attorney? Do you understand the contracts you are entering into?
  4. Intellectual Property- Have you trademarked your business name and logo?
  5. Business Succession Planning: Have you planned your estate and decided who is going to take over the family business?

There are many more things you, as a business owner in the tourist area of Florida can do to succeed as well as protect their interests. Call today to find out how I can help you.

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