Florida Record Label Deal and Contract Review

May 30, 2011 by Edward Elkins

Getting a record label deal is much more difficult than the music industry may make it seem. After all, you have probably scratched your head while listening to a song wondering, “how did that person get a music deal? They sound horrible!” The fact of the matter is that record deals are much more infrequent than they used to be. There are a few things you can be doing to better your odds of earning the elusive record deal.

How can you improve your chances? Here are 3 tips to help:

  • Record CDs to sell online and during performances. Your music can’t be found by record labels if it doesn’t exist already. Have your songs on iTunes, CdBaby, and other online retailers.
  • Manager your internet presence. Do you have your own website where people can learn more about you and your music? Has your music been reviewed on the internet? Are press releases available online announcing your upcoming appearances?
  • Assemble a reliable team. Do you have a manager, talent agent, and entertainment attorney on your side helping you meet your music industry goals?

Have you already been approached by a record label? Do not sign any contract before it has been reviewed and you completely understand it! As a Florida music lawyer, I have reviewed contracts that are not in the best interest of my clients and have negotiated better deals. My goal as an entertainment attorney is to make sure that the contract you sign is up to par with industry standards and will allow you to reach your goals.

Contact me today to discuss your entertainment goals and how I can help you meet them in an affordable manner.

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