How to get a loan modification: Pain Free

July 20, 2011 by The ME Law Firm

I speak to many home owners who call me after months of trying to get a loan modification without any assistance. I instantly think of my mechanic who fixes my car when it breaks down.  I am too afraid to try to fix my car when it breaks down for fear that the brakes will no longer work.  I do not have the expertise, the experience, nor the required knowledge to fix my car when it breaks down.  So, what do I do?

I call a professional. The banks are fighting hard on a daily basis to not modify the loans. Home owners do not have time to waste.  Have you tried to do a loan modification on your own?  If so, how many times have they claimed to have “lost” or “not received” your documents?  Your home is an asset worthy of protection and you should do everything you can to save your home.  Do not let the banks lead you around on a leash.

Recently, I had a call from a client who told me the bank promised they would not foreclose while she was attempting to get a loan modification.  They sold her house while “processing” her loan modification.  This is a story I hear at least 3-4 times a week.  Why do home owners allow an asset worth $100,000+ just walk away without a fight?  Why do home owners think letting the bank take their homes is the “honest” thing to do?  Because the bank makes them feel powerless.

At Myers & Eichelberger, we are committed to educating the home owner to their rights.  It is empowering to know you do not have to walk away from your house. You do not have to leave the home you love just because your bank tells you that you do.  You have options; starting with calling Myers & Eichelberger (1-888-ME-HELP-YOU).

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