HOA Fee Collection


Being a member of a homeowner’s association is a privilege. Typically, this means one lives in a nice neighborhood and is afforded regulations and protection that many other neighborhoods are not fortunate enough to have. While most members see this as a privilege, some do not take membership seriously, and many others simply think they can slide on their association fees when times get tough. 
However, this is not fair to their neighbors or to the homeowner’s association.

Home Owners Association Fee Collection Attorney

The homeowner’s association has the burden of creating and enforcing the rules and regulations that keep the neighborhood looking nice and the environment quiet and peaceful. They are also responsible for the upkeep and repairs of community areas. When the association fees go unpaid, the HOA loses income. Bills can not be paid and the entire neighborhood suffers the consequences of inadequate resources and disrepair.

Attorney To Collect Home Owners Association Fee

One of the issues that makes home owner association collections so difficult is that because association dues are relatively minor, members are more inclined to skip them in favor of paying larger bills. What members fail to realize is that if they don’t pay their dues, their homes (even a homestead, otherwise exempt from creditors) can be sold by the courts. In some cases, people fail to pay dues out of frustration with other members who fail to pay. Regardless of why dues are not being paid, it is important for members to know that severe consequences will await their failure to pay their dues in a timely fashion.

How To Collect HOA Fees In FLORIDA

If associations do not have an aggressive, uniform collections process, word of that will spread like wildfire and lead to a reduction in revenue. Our experienced collections attorneys will work with you to create an efficient and aggressive plan for collecting dues so you can maintain the outstanding quality of life in your community.