Mortgage Foreclosure

“I’m Jayson O. Myers of Myers & Eichelberger (“The ME Law Firm”).  I believe a loan modification should include…

  1. Negotiate the loan modification with the intent to reduce the mortgage from what you owe down to the value of the property.
  2. Litigate the mortgage foreclosure with a focus on going to trial if a settlement is not negotiated.
  3. Attacking the mortgage holder with a FDCPA violation and possible settlement if they contact you once you have hired this firm.

Our Goal is to Keep You in Your Home

A loan modification should include a reduction in principle, not just a lower interest rate.  I help people fight the bank to get their principle reduced.  While it may not be possible in every case, we do work hard to help you obtain the best possible loan modification that you can pay for the long term.  We are not looking for a short term solution; instead we want to help you obtain a long term solution that can keep you in your house.

We are not interested in asking you pay an upfront fee for a year and then sell you a bankruptcy or a short sale.  Instead, we want to aggressively defend your foreclosure and, if need be, to take it to trial.  We feel we can do this in an economical way, yet still be effective.

Our goal is to keep you in your home.  We want you to stay in your home.  We want to look at every possible avenue to stay in your home.  I always offer a free consultation and I always promise to work as hard on your case as I would on my own home.”

-Jayson O. Myers, Partner at Myers & Eichelberger (The ME Law Firm)


In a nutshell, Myers & Eichelberger is focused on reduction in principle, not just a reduction in the interest rate. We believe that the reduction in interest rate is equivalent to “throwing sand in your eyes”. Rarely does a reduction in the interest rate lower the monthly payment on the mortgage.  We focus on litigating the case, not just buying you time.  At Myers & Eichelberger, we are about action, about litigating the case, and about attempting to lower your  monthly payment through a reduction in the principle.  While no outcome can be guaranteed, at Myers & Eichelberger, you will work with an attorney (not a paralegal), you will have constant contact with your attorney, and we will work as hard as possible to meet your expectations.

Myers & Eichelberger is dedicated to the practice of law and to helping homeowners keep their homes.  As a foreclosure defense attorney, we have a different strategy than others in the fact that we would like to fight for your home and help you either stay in the home or keep it as an investment.  As an Orlando attorney, we have helped advise many Florida homeowners in strategies and options that can lead them down the path of keeping their homes.  We do realize that not every single homeowner wishes to keep their home and we can help you with those options also. As a founding partner of Myers & Eichelberger, Jayson O. Myers is dedicated to the practice of foreclosure defense and can sit down with a homeowner to discuss your options with a free consultation.

Finding out you are upside down (owe more on your house than it is worth) on your home is a frightening and stressful time.  At Myers & Eichelberger we are committed to taking the stress out of your life and implementing a strategy for you to take back your home.  There are proven strategies that can put you in a better situation.  While no option is a guarantee, there are ways to put yourself as the homeowner in a better situation than you were before.

The Short Sale

Many realtors will convince homeowners to short sale their house.  This is where you find a buyer for the house at a reduced price and the bank agrees to the sale.  This is not only a time consuming process, but it could be against your best interest.  Most of the time, giving away your house is not necessary (even if it feels like it is).  There can be a deficiency that is owed or prospective tax liability.

Deed in Lieu

A deed in lieu is where the homeowner give his house to the bank in exchange for not having to pay back the note.  Once again, this might not be in the homeowners best interest as they have to give away their house, they could have a deficiency that is owed, and/or have a prospective tax liability.  Many real estate lawyers will convince you to do a deed in lieu after failing to accomplish a loan modification; it is imperative to only do this as a last resort.

Strategic Default

A strategic default is where the homeowner stops making payments to the bank, but negotiates a reduction in principle on the note. I.e. reduce what you owe closer to the value of the house.  If you are going through this process and are not making your mortgage payments, you need to contact a Florida foreclosure defense attorney at Myers & Eichelberger right away.  It is important that you have someone working on your side as quickly as possible.

Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

Fighting a bank against a foreclosure is not impossible. It is not even improbable.  Mostly, winning and losing will come down to who you are hire and what service they are going to provide to you.  Ask your attorney how many trials they have won and then ask them to provide documented proof of trials they have won.  They should be able to provide this for you. If they cannot, find someone else.  Winning at trial is possible, but only if you properly prepare the case from start to finish.  Do not give up. Have hope.  At Myers & Eichelberger, we are committed to providing top of the line legal service to provide you a credible defense to mortgage foreclosure so you do not have to lose your home. You keeping your home is my top priority.  We must prepare the case from day one and walk into a trial with the confidence and legal arguments to win the case. If you feel like your attorney is not prepared to win, then they are likely not going to.

At Myers & Eichelberger, we are ready and prepared to help with what ever option you choose.  Perhaps, you are able to make your payments and just need a traditional loan modification. We are trained foreclosure defense attorneys that are prepared to litigate and fight with the banks to get what you deserve.  If you are late on your payments or you can see where the payments are becoming a problem, please call us at 407-926-2455 to set up a free consultation to discuss your unique situation. Get more information about foreclosures.