Loan Modification

We believe a loan modification should include a reduction in principal, not just a lower interest rate.  I help people fight the bank to get the amount they owe reduced to the value of the property. While it may not be possible in every case, we do work hard to help you obtain the best possible loan modification that you can pay for the long term.  We are not looking for a short term solution; instead we want to help you obtain a long term solution that can keep you in your house.

We are not interested in asking you pay an upfront fee for a year and then sell you a bankruptcy or a short sale.  Instead, we want to aggressively defend your foreclosure and, if need be, to take it to trial.  We feel we can do this in an economical way, yet still be effective.

Our goal is to keep you in your home. We want you to stay in your home. We want to look at every possible avenue to stay in your home.

We always offer a free consultation and we always promise to work as hard on your case as we would on our own home.

Free Consultation

At Myers & Eichelberger, we are about action, about litigating the case, and about attempting to lower your  monthly payment through a reduction in the principle.  While no outcome can be guaranteed, at Myers & Eichelberger, you will work with an attorney (not a paralegal), you will have constant contact with your attorney, and we will work as hard as possible to meet your expectations.

The loan modification process is a frustrating process for many homeowners.  Call after call to the bank is ignored and each subsequent call further puts off the process of obtaining a loan modification.  After the homeowner does all the work, they are told they do not qualify for a loan modification.  Is this the end of it?

The loan modification process does not have to be mysterious or frustrating.  While not every homeowner qualifies for a loan modification, the bank is not always 100% truthful about who does qualify.  It can be a full time job to obtain a loan modification and that is why you need someone to help you.  As a Florida foreclosure defense attorney, we can assist you in this matter and walk you through the process so you can understand how and why things are happening the way they are.

At Myers & Eichelberger, we are committed to taking the stress out of the process for you. We handle the process completely, even the foreclosure defense (if needed).  As Orlando attorneys, we have seen every trick the bank  has up their sleeve.  In most counties, they are also required to attend mediation and this has proven to be an important part of the process.

As Florida Real Estate Lawyers, we have the experience to assist you through this process.  We have helped hundreds of homeowners fight the banks and mortgage companies.
If you are upside down on your house or your payments are to high, please contacts us at 407-926-2455 for a free consultation.  The loan modification process is not an expensive process and there is no reason to go through it alone.  At Myers & Eichelberger, we are here to help you.