Understanding Florida Entertainment Contracts in Entertainment Law: Choice of Law and Venue

June 4, 2011 by Edward Elkins

When reviewing a music contract, art contract, or film contract, pay attention to the language toward the end of the document. Florida entertainment contracts, and entertainment contracts in other states, often include a section of language stating that the contract is to be governed and interpreted by the law of a specific state. This language is referred to as the choice of law provision.

A choice of law provision declares that the contract was drafted with the laws of a specific state in mind (i.e Florida). Due to the varying nature of state laws, the laws associated with the entertainment industry in Florida is likely to vary from the laws of New York and California. Certain state laws may be more advantages for artists than, for example, records labels.

A venue provision is language stating that, should a dispute arise, the proper place where a lawsuit will take place will be a specific district or state. It makes little sense to have contrasting choice of law and venue provisions. Would you entrust a court in Denver to apply the law of the State of Florida when deciding your case? Would you really want to fly all the way to California if both you and the management company you signed a contract with is located in Tampa, Florida?

These are just a few considerations to keep in mind when reviewing an entertainment contract in Florida. There is much more to understand and many things you may need negotiated and revised so that a contract is in your best interest.

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